Favorite Handbag at the Moment

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A great bag can take any outfit up a notch but, for me the handbag must also be functional. Since before Christmas I had been eyeing the Gucci Blogger Bag officially known as the “Soho Leather Disco Bag”. I wasn’t sure about the size but I knew I wanted my next handbag to be more compact. I spent countless days going back and forth because a Gucci handbag is definitely a HUGE investment. Making sure I was in love with the style and color of the bag as well as its usability was key. I can honestly say I haven’t looked back once since purchasing the black color way of this bag. It has been the perfect go-to for any occasion. I can dress it up or down and feel confident either way. There hasn’t been a day that I couldn’t fit something I absolutely needed. This is probably the most used handbag in my closet at the moment. If you are considering it I wouldn’t hesitate any longer!!!

Right now on the Gucci website it comes in 3 different colors. I have seen it in other colors seasonly but at the moment Black, Rose Beige and Red are your choices. There is a similar bag right now that comes in Emerald Green and a Black/White combo but it doesn’t have a tassel and the dimensions vary from the disco bag slightly.

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 7.36.19 PM

Pros: The leather is very durable yet still flexible. It does not scratch easily. The perfect size for everyday use. Can be worn crossbody or on the shoulder. Great pockets on the inside of the bag which is made with a canvas fabric.

Cons: THE PRICE!! I want every color but, $980 per bag is just not practical for me…



7 thoughts on “Favorite Handbag at the Moment

  1. Im so obsessed with this handbag and I’m totally with you on the price! Constantly weighing the options between how empty my wallet will be but how good it will look in the bag haha great post!

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